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Fish, Mercury, and Nutrition: The Net Effects

Fish, Mercury, and Nutrition: The Net Effects
Are you getting the omega-3s you need for brain development and a healthy heart? The selenium for good immune response and brain function? The vitamin D and calcium for strong bones? If you eat ocean fish, you get these benefits. Do you need to worry about mercury?

Fish really is brain food! Fish, Mercury, and Nutrition: The Net Effects presents the many benefits of eating ocean fish and the risk of mercury exposure for the population with the most to gain (or lose): unborn and young children. Pregnant and nursing moms will learn why two ocean fish meals a week during the critical window of development can safely give their babies lifelong benefits. The rest of the population also benefits by including ocean fish in their healthy diets.
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Fish, Mercury, and Nutrition: The Net Effects is a production of Prairie Public Broadcasting, Fargo, North Dakota, in collaboration with the University of North Dakota’s Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC). Funding is provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Marine Fisheries Pacific Islands Regional Office and the members of Prairie Public.

Executive Producers – Laura Raymond and Bob Dambach

Producers/WritersCharlene Crocker, Daniel Daly, and Sheila Hanson

Videographers – Dave Geck, Frode Tilden, Barbara Gravel, Ryan Sailer, and Ben Stommes

Editor – Dave Geck

Graphics – Ben Stommes

Narrator – Dan Michaels

Run time: 35 minutes

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Peces, Mercurio y Nutrición: Los efectos netos

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